Frequently Asked Questions

+Where can I find my favourite Viva® Brand products?

To find a store carrying Viva® Brand products, please click here

+Why is Viva® Vantage* textured?

V-Flex* Weave has remarkable stretch, giving it the strength to take on any mess, big or small.

+What makes Viva® Vantage* so stretchy?

Our proprietary technology allows Viva® Vantage* to be uniquely stretchy – it is designed into every sheet. Once you experience it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

+Does Viva® Vantage* come in full size and Choose-A-Sheet*?

All Viva® Vantage* towels come in choose-a-sheet* sheets only. Choose-A-Sheet* allows you to customize the sheet length for the task at hand. Big mess or small mess, you choose the size!

+If I don’t have a Facebook account, can I still stay in touch with the Viva® Towels Community?

Everyone can see what the Viva® Towels Community is saying on the home page, which displays messages people have posted on the Viva® Towels Facebook page. In order to post your own message, you have to have either a Facebook or Twitter account, both of which only take a few moments to setup.
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+How do I unsubscribe from Viva® Towels Emails?

Visit the Update Your Profile page and change your communication preferences.
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+Does Viva® Towels practice sustainable forestry management?

Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the makers of Viva® Towels, is very committed to sound forest management practices. Through sustainable forestry and woodland protection plans, we ensure the continued health and productivity of the vital natural resources we manage. Kimberly-Clark’s fibre suppliers ensure that all harvested forests are replanted or naturally regenerated. We also practice resource recovery by recycling waste materials and products that do not meet our quality standards.

+Are Viva® Towels made from recycled materials?

Viva® Towels are made from 100% virgin fibre. The cardboard cores utilize 100% recycled paper.